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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Countdown – When Does It Launch?

Feature image for our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis countdown. It shows a shot from the game's pre-launch trailer, showing a younger Sephiroth facing a ground of armed troops in a forest.

The Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis countdown is on. It’s launch day and only a matter of hours until you can return to Midgar.

We’re here with our own little pre-launch party, counting down the minutes until the servers unlock, and you’re welcome to wait out the countdown here with us. We’ve even displayed it here you you know exactly when you can jump on.

What’s All The Hype For?

What’s all the fuss about? Well, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a long-anticipated new addition to the formidable Final Fantasy VII family.

The series spans a lot of different media, over drastically diverging playstyles. There’s the OG Final Fantasy VII, a sprawling RPG with the classic ATB combat system.

There’s Before Crisis, the top-down action RPG from the days of ancient mobile gaming. There’s the 3D ARPG Crisis Core made for the PlayStation Portable.

There’s the peculiar third-person shooter Dirge Of Cerberus for PlayStation 2, and there’s the CG animated feature film Advent Children.

That’s before we even think about the remakes.

All In One Package

You get the idea, the series is full of entries over a ton of platforms and genres. You’d have a challenge to round them all up to play in one place now.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis seems to set out to fill that need. It brings stories from different titles in the series and wraps them all up in a unified style, which resembles the original game, with a modernized twist.

Square Enix has promised to keep updating the game with new story chapters spanning many of the previous titles, and also tell a new story about the shadowy past of the infamous villain, the One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth.

If you’re not on the pre-download train already, there’s still time. Head over to Google Play and load your copy so you’re ready to get started as soon as the servers open.

Want something to play while you wait out the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis countdown? Check out our best new Android games this week for a few ideas.

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