Final Fantasy VII will be coming to iOS but no announcement for Android

One of the bigger announcements for mobile was that Square Enix would be bringing Final Fantasy VII to iOS. However, what about Android gamers, many of whom are big Final Fantasy fans and want Final Fantasy VII to play? Well, unfortunately nothing was announced for Android.

Yes, Final Fantasy VII can be played on Android via an emulator, and rather smoothly at that. However, it is always nice to have a game natively on your Android device and not running through an emulator. The other point is this, not everyone knows how to run an emulator, or likes using them. While it is easy to set up, not everyone wants to go through the steps to get that set up and would rather have the game natively.

This version of Final Fantasy VII is a port of the original console version. While the iOS version has no release date or pricing right now, and it is clear that Square Enix still has a lot of work to do on it, we will be asking Square Enix about an Android version and will update once we find out more.

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