Find the right combinations for you in Mario Kart 7 with Combo Explorer

Well here is a neat little application for all of you Mario Kart 7 fanatics out there. Developed by gingerbreadman (hah!), Combo Explorer is a nice utility application to help you figure out the best combinations to use with your karts in order to get the best times in the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mario Kart 7 and why you would need something like this, it is because unlike previous titles in the series, Nintendo really ramped up the customization one can do to the karts as well as the benefits of each part for each track in the game. This makes for setting up your kart for any particular track something to seriously think about if you are attempting to actually do good, especially considering there is over 20,000+ combos in the game.

Combo Explorer Features:

• View hidden stats that are not displayed in the game
• Choose any combination of parts quickly and easily
• See the overall characteristics of a combo
• Compare two combinations at a glance
• View data as a radar chart or as numeric data
• Duplicate a combination
• Swap combinations
• Generate random combinations
• Lock any element of your combination
• Undo your last change
• Easily share your comparison by email or twitter
• Quickly enter a combo using an 8-character code

Combo Explorer steps in to help you figure this all out and goes rather in-depth with the stats for each piece as well as what will work best with each kart for each track and so on. This will allow you to get better set up and achieve better times in Mario Kart 7. If you are looking to really improve your Mario Kart gaming, then you might want to consider snatching up this rather useful application. It is available on the Android Market for $1.99.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: Combo Explorer

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