Finmouse pushes out a new updates for Jumping Electron bringing a couple new episodes

Developers of the vintage themed arcade game called Jumping Electron have pushed out a couple of updates recently which brings quite a bit more content to it. In total, there is now 80 levels in total to delicately work your way through as fast as you can.

The updates bring both the “Phone Switchboard” and “TV” episodes to the game where you will now have two new areas, each with plenty of levels, full of obstacles to avoid in your quest to get through each level as quickly as you can.

Along with the latest update, which brought the “TV” episode to Jumping Electron, Finmouse has also brought a lot of improvements to the game in terms of fixes, performance optimizations, new geeky add-ons and promotions. For those of you who haven’t given Jumping Electron a whirl, it is a pretty solid game where you have to move your electron through each stage as quickly as possible in order to obtain the highest score. You will also have to worry about keeping your electron charged up because if you don’t, your little electron will fizzle out.

Jumping Electron is available off of the Google Play store for free, both in a normal and HD version.

Google Play Link: Jumping Electron

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