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Fire Emblem Heroes is Getting a $10 Subscription on February 5

Following the success of Mario Kart Tour’s $5 Gold Pass, Nintendo has started rolling out similar subscription services to its other mobile games.

Last year saw Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp get two different services and later this month Fire Emblem Heroes is following suit.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Feh Pass Provides You With Cosmetics, Quests, Rewind, and Autoplay

At a whopping $10 per month, Fire Emblem Heroes’ service is Nintendo’s most expensive to date. So hopefully you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, right?

Well, not really. The major feature is the Resplendent Attire feature, which provides you with two new costumes for specific heroes per month that will slightly boost their stats.

You’ll also get exclusive quests, the ability to bond with up to three heroes, and the ability to rewind to a previous turn if you make a mistake in battle.

Oh, and you can repeatedly complete a map until your stamina runs out, allowing you to grind for free. It’s only available on select game modes though, along with the rewind function.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ “Feh Pass” launches February 5 on Android. You can grab the gacha RPG right now from Google Play.

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