Indie Puzzle Platformer Fireball Wizard Hits Android

Feature image for our Fireball Wizard Android news piece. It shows a dark-skinned female wizard in a red robe hopping over lava while a red cube over head shoots fireballs.

The indie platformer Fireball Wizard Android version magicked its way onto Google Play this week, and we’re more than ready to smite everything in our path with arcane flames from a staff.

Fireball Wizard is a game that takes its inspiration from the old-school 16-bit platformers from yesteryear. The adorable 2D graphics combine a retro aesthetic of pixel art with the modern flourish of particle effects as enemies explode.

The visuals come across like a toned-down version of Noita, without the destructible environments.

New But Nostalgic

The homage to classical platformers doesn’t end at the cosmetic level, either. The game splits its world into a level structure, accessible from a hub area.

There’s also a retro feel to the difficulty. Fireball Wizard provides a challenge and does not hold your hand in terms of what you need to do to advance.

You take control of a wizard who can do the standard moves. There’s a jump and a double jump. You can also pelt fireballs from your staff in the direction you’re facing, your main mode of attack. A charged fireball does greater damage and can burn certain barriers.

You’ll be fighting enemies with your titular fireballs, but also trying to negotiate tricky platforming sections over pools of lava and acid, with disappearing platforms and the looming threat of death.

Full Of Surprises

Sometimes the life of a wizard calls you toward more cerebral pursuits to advance. As a wizard, you have access to several different spells that have different effects. These can impact the environment around you, like using an ice spell to freeze and shatter certain blocks.

Things start simple, but quickly ramp up in complexity, and that’s before you even reach the bosses, who have more than a few surprises, but we won’t spoil those for you.

If it sounds like your kind of game, you can grab the Fireball Wizard Android version now via Google Play.

If you’re interested in more games where you can pelt fireballs at people, check out our news on Century: Age of Ashes.

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