First episode of Vacant Sky: Awakening and Noctemis fully funded on Kickstarter.

Two games have successfully achieved their funding goals over on Kickstarter with both games coming to OUYA while one of the games is also slated for an Android release and the other game will arrive on Android devices should it reach one of their stretch goals. Interestingly enough, both games also have almost the same amount of time remaining in their campaigns on Kickstarter.

Noctemis by Lacuna Entertainment

The first game is a side-scrolling platformer called Noctemis by Lacuna Entertainment. They describe this game as a mix between Megaman and the Legend of Zelda wrapped up in a horror atmosphere with a unique art style. The game takes place during the late 1800’s, on a small island slightly north of mainland Europe, in the modest town of Horrow-Brook. There is a curse going around that is putting people into a comatose state when they go to sleep. When this happens evil dream spirits are released into the world in return.

There is quite the lengthy back story which you can read over on the campaign page on Kickstarter but to sum it up, you’ll be playing as Eldwin who is a scientist developing weapons to fight these evil dream spirits. You will be able to learn new skills and adapt to your environment as you play through the game. There is a plethora of unique items for Eldwin to find as well as the ability to trap some of the dream spirits and use them to help him fight more powerful ones.

Right now Noctemis is fully funded and will be arriving on OUYA when the game is completed. However, should their funding reach $9,000 then an Android version would also be developed and released. Right now funding is at $7,755 with 13 days left so there isn’t a whole lot more to go. Check out their pitch video above to learn more.

Kickstarter Link: Noctemis

Vacant Sky: Awakening by Bishop Myers

The second game is a title called Vacant Sky: Awakening which will be an episodic RPG for Android and OUYA. Awakening will be the first episode in the series where you’ll play as a young nobleman and follows his seven year journey for glory, fame, power, and love. The developer also goes on to describe the game as a fusion of old-school tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and modern digital ones such as Persona.

There will be a total of eight episodes that follows this storyline of these character growing up and players can customize their characters with a variety of skills. There are main quests as well as side quests to do and you’ll have a party of characters under your control when doing these quests.

Vacant Sky: Awakening is completely funded and will be coming to Android phones and tablets as well as the OUYA. Still, there is 14 days to go in their campaign on Kickstarter so if you want to throw a couple of bucks their way to help out, you still have time. Check out the pitch video above which also shows some of the gameplay.

Kickstarter Link: Vacant Sky: Awakening

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