First look at the upcoming heavyweight battle called Dragons vs Unicorns

Back in the beginning of October we reported on a rather cool sounding game called Dragons vs Unicorns which will pit both species against one another, along with supporting animal troops, in a battle of dominance to see who shall reign supreme, the Dragons or the Unicorns.

Dragons vs Unicorns is an interesting multiplayer game where when you log into it, you pick a side, either the Dragons or the Unicorns. From there you will be battling it out with whatever your opposing faction may be and to be your opponent, you have to destroy their tower. You will also have to defend your own tower at the same time since your opponent will be trying to destroy yours so you will have to balance out your defensive units with your offensive ones.

While you help defend your side of the faction you will also be sending out minions, lobbing objects, casting abilities and more in order to destroy the opposing factions tower. While the game is centered around PvP gameplay against other people, there is a single player mode as well.

There are a lot of features that will be coming to this cross-platform (Android, iOS, PC and Mac) multiplayer game. There will be a VS Store, Real-time game lobby, persistent player data, social connectivity and a lot more according to the developers Digital Harmony Games. It’s an interesting game because the overall power of the faction is based on all the players involved for both sides. Dragons vs Unicorns is still slated for an early 2012 release date.

Developer Website: Digital Harmony Games

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