Fishing combines forces with Fruit Ninja style gaming to form Fishing Ninja

At some point in all of our lives we have wanted to be a bad ass ninja. Admit it, it’ll make you feel better if you do. Thankful we can live our ninja fantasies vicariously through ninja themed games and there is a new one on the Google Play store that combines the relaxing sport of fishing with the no so relaxing style of gaming from Fruit Ninja.

Appropriately named Fishing Ninja, this game which was developed by Gamenauts and has quite the following on iOS has finally arrived on Android. You will play as Otoro who happens to be a ninja that isn’t exactly the pinnacle of fitness. Actually he is pretty lazy when it comes to fighting but he is a bad ass when it comes to fishing.

Fishing Ninja Features:

– Super addictive FISH & SLASH gameplay!
– Master both tilt & touch controls to perfection.
– Over 60 fishes to collect.
– Earn GOLD to buy lots of super upgrades like katanas, boats, fishing guides & more.
– Find TREASURE CHESTS with goodies.
– Super-sharp HD graphics.
– Achievements & Leaderboards.

You will be casting your fishing line into the waters and, using tilt controls, trying to reel in as many fish as you can. When you get your fish out of the water, you will switch over to Fruit Ninja style gameplay where your fish will fly up on the screen and you will be using your Katana to slice them up into perfect pieces for sushi and maximum profit. Just don’t slice the random flying sticks of dynamite because that isn’t really a good thing to do.

So, if you are looking for another game to live your ninja dreams through, you might want to check out Fishing Ninja. You can download this game off of the Google Play store for a whole lot of free. This ig Gamenauts’ first release onto Android so hopefully it does well enough that they bring their other titles over as well.

Developer Website: Gamenauts

Google Play Link: Fishing Ninja

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