Fitment is an all-new workout game designed around virtual pets

Have you ever wanted to exercise but needed an incentive to do it? Don’t we all? Well, Glossbird’s new mobile game Fitment has the ultimate motivation for gamers: virtual pets! 

Fitment adds virtual pets to your workout 

Available right this instant in early access, Fitment aims to motivate your movements by making cute animals dependant on your exercise. Giving you a number of Fitbuddies to work with, this is a fine way of getting me to get off my butt! 

Aiming to make workouts fun and accessible, Fitment allows you to improve your pets’ living situation via exercise. As you get fitter, you’ll earn rewards to improve your pets’ lives. It’s a fun time! 

For example, hitting a specific workout goal will give you rewards such as furniture, décor or coins to purchase items. You’re even able to clothe your virtual pet with cool threads. 

The fitter you get, the more you’ll be able to make your Fitbuddies happy. Furthermore, there’s even a Sims-style house building mode to decorate your living environment. It’s a whole lot of fun, despite the burning in your muscles!  

Perfect for mobile 

The best part about Fitment is the fact that it doesn’t expect you to spend hours working out. In fact, the game is designed for bite-sized workouts whenever you can. If you can only do a few lunges or push-ups before work, it’ll still reward you. 

Unlike, say, Niantic’s Pokemon Go, this game is also more varied in its workouts. You won’t just be walking to catch creatures. Instead, you’ll be doing stretches, all-body workouts and even sitting workouts if you don’t want to, or can’t, get up. 

The game is currently in early access. This means that the game will be evolving over time with new content and workouts to keep you fit while having fun. Doesn’t that sound just lovely? 

If you want to give the game a go, click here to get the game on Android. 

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