Flash Game Player makes life a little easier playing those Flash games you like

Having Flash support in Android is great, especially if you enjoy playing Flash games online. While there is an ever growing selection of Flash games packaged and put onto the Android Market which are specifically re-designed for mobile playing, a lot of the good Flash games are still browser-based and do not have controls for mobile gaming.

Meet Flash Game Player by XDA member Kazeari which they created in order to fix this little problem. Flash Game Player will let you load any Flash game from your SD Card, URL or 2D Tsunami Database and play it like it was made for your device. As Kazeari describes it, you are basically porting the Flash game when you load it through Flash Game Player to Android.

If you are sporting a physical keyboard, this will also let you customize the controls to your liking for whatever Flash game you are wanting to play. It also comes with a virtual keyboard for this purpose for those devices that don’t have a physical one. To have this all work properly though, you’ll obviously need Flash installed on your device and Kazeari is suggesting that only high-end Android devices use this neat little application.

Load ANY Flash Game (.swf):

  • Load Game from SD Card (SD Card Required)
  • Online Download to your SD Card (Offline Playing Anytime)
  • Directly Online (For Flash Games URL Domain Blocking)
  • Load From 2D Tsunami Database (Will Be Updated Weekly)


Set Your Own Controls For Your Flash Game:

  • Controls Are Saved and Associated With Your Game Name
  • Game Library Stores All Games You Played For Easy Access
  • Set Game Quality For Your Device (to Optimize Speed)


Basic Instructions:

  • Menu Button to Launch Game/Set Controls
  • Back Button to Exit Application

Currently it is available for free on the Android Market (ad supported) and while on occasion the ads get in the way, it is still pretty handy. Kazeari plans to release another version in the near future for people to buy which will not have the ads. It is updated frequently so to keep tabs on updates, head over to the developer’s thread on XDA.

Website Referenced: XDA via TalkAndroid

Direct Market Link: Flash Game Player

Direct Download: Flash Game Player

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