Flash Game Player pulled off the Android Market and your phone as well

We reported on a nifty little app that helps you play online Flash games a little over a week ago. Essentially it would allow you to load any Flash game onto your Android phone from your SD Card, direct URL or the developers 2D Tsunami database and play it like it was actually made for your Android device with much better controls.

We are now getting reports that it has been yanked off the Android Market by Google and that people who downloaded Flash Game Player off the market have had it also removed from their phones. We have done some checking around but have yet to find out what the reason for the removal was. One thing we do know is that Google doesn’t just yank apps off the Android Market for any little reason and especially off people’s devices.

When we find out more as to why it was pulled, we will update this post. We’ve also left a note for the developer on his XDA thread but have yet to receive a response. To be on the safe side, we recommend not keeping Flash Game Player on your Android device until the developer or Google gets back to us with why it was removed, just for security reasons.

Currently, it is no longer available for download on the Android Market.


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