Flight Frenzy

In the spirit of line drawing games where you control an items path with the line you draw such as in Flight Director comes another game similar to it called Flight Frenzy by Big Fun Games. Like Flight Director, you control the fate of airships (and their passengers) by plotting a course for it to land safely while trying not to crash into the other airships you’re controlling.

There is both a Lite Unlocked version which has the first level completely unlocked to celebrate 1k downloads in the first day alone and then the full paid version which is 0.50UK pounds which is about $0.75US if I did that correctly, which is a pretty good deal.

Features include:

  • 12 Different aircraft to fly and land.
  • 4 Bright and Bold stages to master.
  • Global high score tables to strut your stuff!
  • Easy to learn impossible to perfect learning curve

So if you like these types of games then you’ll probably enjoy this one as it’s already got quite the following and so far I’m enjoying it.

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