FNaF Mash-Up Ultimate Custom Night Creeps Menacingly onto the Google Play Store

Ultimate Custom Night, a spin-off of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s horror series, is out now on Google Play. 

Described by its developer as a mash-up, Ultimate Custom Night sees you once again attempting to keep your nerve as you spend the night in a building haunted by malevolent animatronics, but this time you get to choose your antagonists. 

There are 50 animatronic psychopaths to choose from, and you can combine them however you like, which means there are more possible permutations than there are stars in the known universe. Possibly. We haven’t done the math.

You can customise the difficulty, too, and use a variety of tools such as a heater, an A/C unity, and more.

Ultimate Custom Night is available for $2.99 right now on Google Play. 

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