Football Match 3 Blitz is an odd take on the match 3 genre

If you’ve ever played a match 3 game and found yourself thinking “if only this had more football”, I have good news. If you’re like everyone else and are scratching your head at this pairing, come along with me.

Today I had the dubious distinction of being the staff member to write up Football Match 3 Blitz from Crave Creative. It advertises itself as the first of its kind which I absolutely am taking on faith. If I mixed sand with vanilla yogurt it would also be the first of its kind.

I digress. The mechanics of the game, the graphics, and the audio are all good. This is not a bad game, it’s just a pairing that I don’t see the need for. That’s just one man’s opinion, however. The features as listed by the dev are as follows:

  • Score touchdowns
  • Five minute games
  • Offensive plays
  • Defensive plays
  • Offensive penalties
  • Defensive penalties
  • Fun for all ages

I scored touchdowns, but I had no idea what constituted a good or bad play. Why did one get 7 and one get 17 yards? The penalties are described as possibly having a beneficial or detrimental outcome, although I never really knew which I’d achieved. Defensive tiles take points away. Let me stress that: If you willingly match defensive tiles, you will lose points. I swiped to swipe, things matched up and disappeared, and some more things dropped. The end. Smooth gameplay and design, rather odd theme, and uninspiring gameplay rewards.

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