Forager, the Open World Adventure from Humble, is Delayed till 2021 on Mobile

Forager, the distinctive open world adventure game developed by HopFrog and published by Humble Games, has been delayed on mobile till 2021.

The shock news comes just a day before Forager was due to go live on the Google Play Store, and it’s not clear what has caused the delay, nor when in 2021 it might eventually appear.

If you’re still playing catch-up, Forager is a highly enjoyable cross between Stardew Valley and Terraria, with a healthy dose of idle gameplay. It sees you foraging for resources, farming, crafting, exploring, and so on.

Originally a gamejam project, Forager caught the attention of Humble Games and made its way to PC and Switch last year. Its reviews on both platforms are positive, so the mobile port is worth getting excited about.

Whenever it shows up.

Source: Touch Arcade

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