Force Of Attraction

While looking through the market for new games to try out I came across one called Force of Attraction or FoA for short which is developed by Milleson. This is a neat little platform game where you control your guy, completing each stage by figuring out the correct way to get to the key you need before you can unlock the door and progress to the next stage.

You control your little guy by tilting your phone left or right and the gravity by pressing the trackball which becomes essential in the later stages of the game. You can kill enemies by changing the gravity so they fly up or fall down into spikes. There are moving blocks which are controlled either by gravity (red blocks) or by the phones tilt movements (blue blocks). Switches can activate or deactivate certain elements in each stage as well.


  • 20 levels with more coming shortly
  • Facebook Integration
  • Shake phone to reset current level
  • Tilt controls

As you progress through the game the stages get harder to solve and although there are only 20 levels at this moment in time, some of them are pretty damn tricky. The developer does mention that more stages will be added in the very near future. For an 8-bit old school looking game it’s a pretty good time killer for those of you who like platform games. You can pick this little gem up from the Android market right now for free.

Developer Website: N/A

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