Forge of Glory takes puzzle-RPG to the next level

Match-three puzzles and turn-based RPG battles are a match made in heaven, but they don’t always look that exciting.

Forge of Glory is different. With its 13 beautifully rendered 3D environments and brilliant character art it looks every bit the high budget action-RPG, and its gameplay covers a diverse array of single-player and multiplayer bases.

Firstly, there’s the PVE. This element of the game involves setting out across 13 different environments, ranging from desert to tundra, and getting into furious match-three scraps with enemies along the way.

The ultimate aim is to find the lair of the Bone Dragon and kill the beast that waits within.

Then there’s the PVP. This part of the game involves attacking other players’ towns for loot and other rewards. You can do this alone or with a co-op crew, with a chat function allowing you to direct the battle in real-time.

Of course, this means you have your own stronghold to defend. To this end, you can upgrade your buildings and level-up the terrible monsters that guard your city to help ensure that your enemies don’t find it too easy to rob you blind.

The match-three battles themselves draw on the distinctive skills of your party members (rogue, archer, mage, warrior), and see you attempting to both crush your opponent and break down their defences.

If you find the battles too difficult, you can engage auto mode to let the computer do the heavy lifting for you. If, however, you’re finding it all a bit easy, you can play in hardcore mode for bonus rewards.

Forge of Glory has been in soft launch for just under a year, and since then its developers have been tweaking and perfecting its formula.

You can download the highly polished result from the Play store now [Get].

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