Dungeons And Dragons-Style Adventure Game Forgotten Lets You Live Or Die On Dice Rolls

Feature image for our Forgotten news piece. It shows some promotional art of a medieval marketplace.

We love a good indie game on Droid Gamers, and Forgotten, an adventure game by tiny little two-person Studio Ink Ruby caught our eye this week as the devs released new content.

Tabletop RPGs are great fun. They let you create a character and explore a fantastical world, with no idea what way the story is going to turn. The downside? Trying to get five people’s schedules to align on a regular basis long enough to actually run a game. Thanks, responsibilities.

Dice-Rolling Adventures Without The Admin

Still, Forgotten might ease your pain a little. The game lets you venture out on a classic tabletop-style adventure. There’s a world map, there’s XP, and there’s even dice rolling.

Like tabletop RPGs, you have a decent amount of control over what areas your hero excels at. You can create a charming rizz master, a terrifying strength brute, or a spritely rogue.

Most importantly, there are the choices that you make that determine how the story progresses. Want to make stupid decisions? Well, prepare for the consequences.

Think Through Your Choices

The stats we mentioned before have a major impact on your chance of success. If you decide you want to take some cat-like leaps across the rooftops but your character is built like a brick house, then you might be in for a bad time.

The storyline is relayed to you in text format, with a few pieces of art scattered around to properly set the scene. There’s an inventory and a map to help you check your situation.

You’ll navigate through the story, and try to come out victorious on the other side. The one downside is that if things do go horribly wrong, don’t have a physical dice to throw out of the window. Please don’t throw your phone.

If still sounds interesting, Forgotten is available here on Google Play.

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