Former Halfbrick dev starts Total ArKade Software, releases AbraWORDabra onto Android

Recently one of the developers from Halfbrick decided to venture out on his own and create his own game development studio called Total ArKade Software. Their first game has finally been released onto multiple platforms including Android is called AbraWORDabra.

AbraWORDabra is an interesting word game featuring some great and humorous characters. The game is based around the story that an evil magician has turned everyone in letter carrying blocks and so in order to beat him at his own game you have to create words using the blocks provided.

AbraWORDabra Features:

– 4 game modes
– 220 levels
– 26 Achievements
– 4 Leaderboards
– 8 comics with animated interludes.
– Unlockable bonus content
– Hours of finely tuned ‘Sweaty palms’ gameplay

While the game itself is pretty fun and fast-paced, the developers have also set up quite the website for it which features some great graphics, back story, character profiles and eight comics to read and enjoy. The four game modes include:

‘Fill the Gap’ has you filling in word blanks in a race against the clock and the evil Marvo.
‘Miss Spell’ tests your spelling to the max when Marvo tries to fool you by putting the wrong letters into words…a truly fiendish puzzler!
‘Float On’ starts simply with you guiding a balloon to a magic book, but soon offers a lot more with many balloons and Marvo’s motley crew, the needle brigade, Pogo pongs and mini man Marvo chasing you all over!
‘Ultimate Genius!’ says it all, here you can make ANY word you want to reach a target score.

If you are looking for a rather unique word game to play you might want to check out ArbaWORDabra from Total ArKade Software. This game comes in two flavors, a free trial version to download and a full version to play which will set you back around $1.02.

Official Website: Total ArKade’s AbraWORDabra

Google Play Link: ArbaWORDabra

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