Google warned Epic about Fortnite installer vulnerabilities before exploit

Fortnite Battle Royale Android

Epic recently discovered an exploit that essentially allowed a hacker to upload literally anything onto anyone’s phone that was downloading Fortnite via the installer.

Naturally, Epic acted quickly and released a patch, removing the exploit. That would be all well and good, if Google hadn’t reportedly warned the developer about it two weeks prior.

Epic seems to have ignored Google’s Fortnite installer warning on August 15th

Want proof? Simply head on over to Google’s Issue Tracker page. Here, you’ll find a full summary of the potential issue, which ended up happening, by Google on August 15th.

Was it an act of pride that made Epic ignore this blatant warning? Or did the developer not quite realise how difficult Android development is? Perhaps that 30% Google Play fee isn’t looking quite so bad now.

Still, the exploit is gone but we can’t say for sure that hackers won’t find another way to access your phone. Grab Fortnite via the official Epic website at your own peril.

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