Kairos Crashes The Party In The Latest Free Fire OB44 Update!

Free Fire OB44 update

Free Fire is rolling out a brand-new update which is shaping up to be a doozy! Just so you know, the Advance Server wrapped up on April 3rd. So, now it’s time for the Free Fire OB44 update, which brings us new characters and events.

Here’s What’s Happening!

Free Fire OB44 update drops the new character Kairos. His special skill is called the ‘Defense Breaker,’ which is all about tearing through defenses. And remember the Zombie Hunt mode? Well, it’s making its way back in this update.

The special event Mechadrake has also dropped along with the Free Fire OB44 update. If you’re grinding in ranked BR matches, get ready to face off against three bosses to bag some Mechadrake points. Once you’ve knocked out the trio, you get a face-off with the Mechadrake, a beastly three-faced epic mechanical dragon.

Let’s talk about the new loot and events! Be on the lookout for the Mechadrake and Zombie Hunt Rewards. Free Fire OB44 update is also throwing in a free gun skin event and refreshing the weapon royale.

A Bunch Of Characters Are Getting Tweaked

The devs at Garena believe in keeping things fair and fun, so a bunch of characters are getting tweaked. Ryden, Santino, Caroline, Nikita, Joseph and Kapella are getting some enhancements. On the flip side, Tatsuya’s power is getting dialled back a bit.

Your arsenal’s undergoing some changes too. Some weapons like the Vector and MP5 are getting beefed up. While the Charge Buster, Bizon, and Trogon are being nerfed to keep fights on the level.

So, go ahead and download the game from the Google Play Store to check out the new update.

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