Free-to-Play Dead by Daylight Mobile is Out Now on Android

Dead by Daylight Mobile, the free-to-play mobile port of popular asymmetric multiplayer game Dead by Daylight, is out now on Google Play.

Already a hit on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, the game sees you playing as either a murderer or a survivor – though the accuracy of that label very much depends on the skill level of your opponent. 

Several famous fictional murderers are featured, including Michael Myers from the Halloween films, Amanda Young from Saw, and Ghost Face from Scream. Don’t worry – the survivors are licensed too, with Halloween’s Laurie Strode and Saw’s David Tapp both making an appearance, among others. 

Dead by Daylight has over 20 million players across its various platforms, with that number sure to increase dramatically given the mobile version’s tempting price of zero cents.

You can download Dead by Daylight for free right now on Google Play.

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