Frozen Synapse developers announce that an Android tablet version is on the way

Mode 7, who are the developers or the cult favorite shooter Frozen Snyapse, has announced out of nowhere that an Android version of their popular game will be heading to Android soon. While the original announcement was to let iOS gamers know that the game would be coming to iTunes soon, the tweet containing the announcement also mentioned that Android tablet gamers would be getting a version of their own as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with this game, this isn’t your standard arcade shooter style of game. Instead Frozen Snyapse is a turn-based tactical shooter where players will issue movement and attack commands to their squads. After that you sit back and watch the action unfold until it is time to issue more commands.

Players won’t be going up against just AI opponents either as the game will support cross-platform gameplay. That means you will be going up against players on other platforms such as iOS, PC and Mac. The cross-platform gameplay has been so deeply ingrained into the game that you can make your moves and commands on your PC and should you have something else to take care of in real life for a moment and can’t get back to your PC to make your next moves, you can always load up the game on your Android tablet and make your next strategic moves on there.

Mode 7 is going to try and release Frozen Synapse onto iOS and Android at about the same time next month. The iOS version will arrive first while the Android version should launch almost at the same time. No word on pricing just yet.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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