Fruit Ninja/Angry Bird Game Updates and Toys!

Android gaming craziness starts first this in the morning and goes strong all day it seems lately. Two updates to talk about right away for two big games currently out right now. Angry Birds received a beta update today along with Fruit Ninja as well. Angry Birds was a bit bigger of an update while Fruit Ninja added another feature this morning.

Here are the details of the updates…

Angry Birds:

  • More Android Device support – This update to the Angry Birds beta addresses compatibility issues with some devices adding more support for more phones
  • Apps2SD – Good to see more developers actually using Apps2SD.
  • Getjar – Now available in the Getjar Market


Fruit Ninja:

  • Apps2SD – Halfbrick also added Apps2SD support to Fruit Ninja. Again I say, good to see more developers using this feature.


So there you go, two updates to two big games right now for Android. If you have either of these games go get them updated! If you don’t, I suggest going ahead and getting them as Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds are two great games for Android and Fruit Ninja is still on sale.

Angry Birds is still going through beta testing so if you have any suggestions or bug reports then let Rovio know by filling out their feedback survey. Also 10 lucky beta testers will receive Angry Bird toys from Rovio! They looks great, I’ve seen one…all nice and plush.

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