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Full Metal Monsters lets you battle armour-plated dinosaurs

Full Metal Monsters Android

On paper, Full Metal Monsters basically sounds like the greatest game of all time. You’ll create your own armour-plated, weapon-coated dinosaur and battle against other player’s creations in 5v5 realtime PvP battles.

Dinosaurs range from the beastly T-Rex to winged monsters and you can outfit them with a wide range of metal armours and weapons.

Full Metal Monsters is out right now on Android

If you ever dreamed of riding around on a dinosaur’s back as you fire rockets and missiles at enemy dinosaurs, here’s your chance.

Of course, you can also battle in melee range if that’s your preference. You don’t have to fire rockets at enemies if you don’t want to.

You can grab this awesome monster battler right now on Google Play, where it’s an exclusive.

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