Full speed Nintendo DS emulator DraStic coming to Android soon

We haven’t had emulator news in a little while now but today that is going to change as a port of the Open Pandora DS Emulator called DraStic is making its way over to Android real soon. For those of you unfamiliar with this emulator, DraStic is a full speed DS Emulator which will let you play Nintendo DS games on your Android device.

As of right now we don’t have all the details on what will all come with DraStic when it is released in terms of features. We do know this should make a lot of DS fans rather happy though. The developers have released a video showing off the emulator running on both a Nexus 10 tablet and a Galaxy S3 phone, so we do know it is optimized for both tablets and phones.

When DraStic is released onto Google Play, which should be fairly soon, it will come with an $8 price tag. At least that is what the developers have stated although this could change between now and the emulators actual release.

Thanks to Jean C. for the tip!

Website Referenced: Ngemu

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