Full Tilt Rush Poker pulled from Android Market – New rating system to blame?

The recently released game from Full Tilt Poker called Rush Poker has apparently been yanked off the Android Market. The game, which lets player play Full Tilt Rush Poker for real money on their Android devices, may have been the first casualty of the new rating system. The original reason was cited as being ‘maintenance’ although possible untrue.

While this will not stop people from playing Full Tilt Rush Poker on their phones, availability of the actual game on the Android Market may never come back. Instead you may have to download it from Full Tilt’s site. People who have already downloaded the game off the Android Market will still be able to play like normal.

Why would the new ratings system cause this to happen? The new guidelines state that “real gambling is not allowed on the Android Market”. Full Tilt Poker’s game may not be the only one hurt by this guideline as there are a few other gambling games, mostly slot machine types, on the Android Market now.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for more applications and games over the next few days since the rating system went live yesterday for developers.

Developer Website: Full Tilt Poker

Website Referenced: Gambling Online Magazine

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