Funko Pop! Blitz is a Match-3 Puzzler with Funko Pop! Versions of Pop Culture Characters, Out Now

Funko Pop! Blitz, a match-three puzzler featuring Funko Pop! versions of characters from various film franchises, has just arrived on the Google Play Store.

Developed by N3twork in collaboration with Tic Toc Games, Funko Pop! Blitz is launching with adorable, giant-headed, black-eyed versions of characters from Back to the Future, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and elsewhere. Other characters will be added in weekly events.

These characters are arranged into collections that you can build up by playing match-three stages. It’s a bit like Bejeweled Blitz, except instead of matching gems you’re matching pop culture bobbleheads. Every so often you’ll earn a new character to add to your collection.

Each character comes with their own personal Super move. E.T.’s healing magic clears a section of board with his glowing finger. Puss in Boots clears a section with his adorable wet eyes. And so on.

Jurassic Park is the event this week, so you’ll collect characters from the popular dinosaur disaster movie franchise, with Dr Malcolm, Dr Hammond, Dr Sattler, and a Dilophosaurus all up for grabs.

You can download Funko Pop! Blitz for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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