Further Beyond Fighting lands on Android. First full fighting game for the Android Market?

Being claimed as the first fighting game on the Android Market by the developers, PJS-Coding, might be a bit of a big claim. It might be the first that is playable across most Android devices but we do have the Bruce Lee game for the Xperia Play. Splitting hairs aside, the game has some pretty unique features.

If you’ve ever played a fighting game in your life, whether in the arcade or on PC/Console, then you already know what you have to look forward to. While there may be less buttons to press than it’s bigger console brothers, Further Beyond Fighting is your standard fighting game where you go up against another character in game and try to beat their ass to a pulp. However, it does come with some pretty interesting features like real-time damage rendering on your character.


    • 3D game-play
    • 8 merciless characters
    • 4 stunning venues
    • Detailed graphics
    • Real-Time Injuries
    • Undead Warriors: Play all characters as zombies
    • 4 game modes: Arcade, VS, Survival, Training
    • 3 different difficulty levels
    • Individual moves for each character
    • Up to 8-hit combos – freely combine punches, kicks, special kicks, defense moves, dodging and smashing
    • Unlock new characters and features while fighting through Arcade and Survival
    • Rumble (vibration), when your character sustains damage
    • Online High-Scores in Survival Mode
    • Autosave



The real-time rendering of damage basically means that as your character gets their ass kicked, it will actually appear that they are getting their ass kicked and acting exhausted. Bruises, cuts and blood will all appear throughout combat as you take hits. Just like other fighting games as well, each character has their own signature moves to help you on your way to victory. You will also be able to unlock new characters and even an ‘undead mode’ which will allow you to fight with whatever character you choose but in a Zombie version.

The other neat feature is the vibration when getting hit. Think rumble pack gaming from back in the day. Graphically, Further Beyond Fighting looks a lot like the older Virtual Fighter arcade game but if you’ve been eager to get your hands on a fighting game for your Android Device (that isn’t an Xperia Play), you can pick this one up off the Android Market for $4.36.

Developer Website: PJS-Coding

Website Referenced: Eurodroid

Market Link: Further Beyond Fighting

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