Futurlab’s cool looking match-3 game Surge heading to Playstation Mobile on December 19th

A rather crazy looking match-3 puzzle game called Surge is slated to head to the Playstation Mobile store on December 19th, 2012. Developed by Futurlab, Surge is a match-3 puzzle game with a sort of retro flare to it in regards to the glowy visuals. It also isn’t your typical match-3 game where you just move pieces on the playing field until three or more of the same kind are matched up adjacent to each other.

Instead of moving pieces on the playing field, like you would do in a typical match-3 game such as Bejeweled, Surge will have you drawing lines from one cube to another as you attempt to match as many of the same colored cube in one turn. As long as the same colored cubes are side by side or touching at the corners, it will be included in the chain you are building.

There is also a story line for this game as well. As the story goes, Humanity has discovered a new power source and while harnessing this power source, by-products build up rather quickly and must be constantly cleared. You can get rid of the dangerous by-products by routing electrical surges (drawing lines in other words although they look like electric currents) between matching block types, and then vent pressure in huge blasts. Some blocks have bonuses to increase your points such as multipliers as well.

For those of you who have a Playstation Certified Android device and want to check this game out, Surge will be available on the Playstation Mobile store on December 19th, 2012. No word just yet on pricing.

Developer Website: Futurlab

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