FYI Nvidia Shield owners – You should be able to play the PC version of Titanfall

One really great thing about the Nvidia Shield is the ability to play full PC games on it. This can be done using Nvidia’s GameStream technology which lets owners of the Shield stream PC games from their actual PCs to their Nvidia Shield unit.

True it is your PC doing a majority of the heavy lifting, from rendering all the visuals to streaming it well enough to be playable on your Shield. However the Shield does have to do some of the work as well, from reading button inputs to sending back said inputs to your PC fast enough to not make your gameplay seem laggy. As most gamers know, especially those that play FPS games, lag generally equals you dieing.

Soon we will see these types of games showing up more on the cloud streaming side of Nvidia’s GameStream technology which uses their cloud streaming platform called Nvidia GRID. There’s already some pretty solid titles available to play through the GRID and with the recent update to GameStream, you can now stream your PC games to your Shield and not have to be sitting at home. Just be anywhere with a strong internet connection.

While this may seem like we are fluffing up the Nvidia Shield a lot, it is pretty exciting to see games like Titanfall being able to be played on one. The really exciting part is if the specs of the supposed Nvidia Shield 2 that just showed up the other day through the new AnTuTu benchmark report remain true, this type of news will become a lot more common. We’re not sure how long Nvidia has been announcing the fact that Titanfall can be played on the Shield, but even if it has been going on for a bit now (we just saw it being advertised on another site), it is still pretty exciting.

If you have a copy of Titanfall and own an Nvidia Shield, let us know how well it plays out. It looks like we will have to get a copy of Titanfall and test it out ourselves as well.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Shield Titanfall

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