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Check out the first trailer for Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Galaxy of Pen and Paper Android

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is to Knights of Pen & Paper what Star Wars is to The Lord of the Rings. Basically, a sci-fi version of a fantasy thing.

Once again, you play as the game master and send a bunch of digital nerds on an adventure. This time around, instead of parodying anything with dragons and wizards in it, Galaxy of Pen & Paper riffs off Star Wars and Star Trek. Stuff like that.

But this is largely the same experience. Set off on a galactic adventure, fight turn-based battles, and customise the appearance of your GM.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper

There’s so much variation in play here. Judging from the trailer alone, you’ll make tough choices, travel between planets in your very own spaceship, and explore board game-style levels.

In fact, there’s so much to do that the trailer ends on a montage of the various different things to do. It’s a strong send off that’s got us well impatient for the finished experience.

And that’s set to launch on July 27th on Android, which as far as we’re concerned is far too long to wait. Check out more info in the meantime by visiting the official site.

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