Galaxy S + Atmel maXTouch

So far we have seen the Samsung Galaxy S continue to grow in regards to the gaming area of Android due to it’s processor, storage capacity and Super AMOLED screen. Now news has come to light about it’s multitouch capabilities and by the looks of things so far, it’s impressive. The Samsung Galaxy S is now reported to feature Atmel maXTouch sensors.

What does this mean? It means much better responsiveness and multitouch capabilities while keeping power consumption low. The maXTouch sensors (mxt224) recognize an unlimited amount of touches and have much faster response times versus what is currently in a lot of Android phones. So far only two other Android phones are reported to use these particular sensors, the Incredible and the EVO.

It’s good to see that as the phones become more advanced that certain issues are being addressed such as the multitouch issues or lack thereof with a lot of Android phones. Even the phones that have it tend to have some issues whether it’s the responsiveness of touches or issues of flipping polarities.

Samsung Galaxy S Features:

  • Hummingbird Processor 1GHz (Apparently 3x Faster than Snapdragon)
  • maXTouch Sensors
  • 4.3″ Super AMOLED Screen
  • 8 or 16GB of internal storage


The Samsung Galaxy S is quickly looking like the prime choice of phone for gamers when it comes to any of the new phones being released although don’t count out the Incredible and EVO. Thankfully, it’s rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S will hit all four major carriers in the US although an official release date isn’t know.

So can we all agree that right now this is looking like the top gamers phone so far in regards to the new phones coming out or that just came out?

Source Referenced: Android and Me

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