Game & App updates for the week of Oct. 10th, 2011

Here’s the game and application updates for the week of 10/10/11. Honeycomb support continues to trickle into the Market, while many games have gotten new content, tweaks and bug fixes since the beginning of this week. Here’s a rundown for you.

  • PewPew 2 version 1.7.4 includes a new game mode: asteroids. “which should keep us busy until the third campaign.” It also promises to improve speed issues on devices it was too slow and too fast on.
  • PewPew also got the asteroids gameplay mode in case you can’t make up your mind.
  • FPse for Android: lots of bug fixes, tablet optimizations, speed optimizations on phone like HTC Sensation, 10% speed improvement, preliminary Vibration support on Wiimote.
  • Madden 2012 gets tablet support and lower price of 4.99
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition launches onto other devices, gets a prompt update adding sound controls, lefty controls, third person view, and help texts.
  • Google docs gets Honeycomb update with new UI including a three panel system that cleans up the browsing system.
  • Myth Defense LF gets new speed modes, a new unit and several bug improvements.
  • Pandora gets a graphical upgrade for high end devices.
  • Burn the Rope unlocks all levels for freeloaders. 60 new levels added.
  • Need for Speed Shift promises major gameplay improvements in a new update.
  • EVAC HD (now free) adds 8 new levels.
  • ASTRO File Manager now gets Honeycomb support, Drag and Drop, new UI and iconography, and bug fixes.
  • SoundHound adds live lyrics to song identification.
  • Amazon Kindle adds support for many other languages and a few big fixes.
  • Eternity Warriors gets another new stage “frostbite village”, new daily quests and new weapons.
  • Castle Warriors has gotten an update including performance improvements and support for newer/more Android devices.
  • The following had minor bug fixes: Eternity Warriors, Spectral Souls, Speedx 3D, DD:FW, Sound Hound, Pulse news reader, Evernote

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