Game Dev Story develops love for Android and is released onto the market

Always wanted to be a game developer but just don’t have the know-how or the time to actually do it? Well now you can become a successful game developer,in-game that is, in Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. In this Sim style game you are an indie game developer looking to make it big with one of your games.

The concept of the game is great and should appeal to the geek in all of us even though the graphics are sort of cutesy pixel art. This game has actually been out for some time but the difference is, with this release, it is in English.


  • Develop your own gaming console and games
  • Control staff members and their professions
  • Show your goods off at conventions like Gamedex
  • Touch screen controls


The goal is to sell a million copies of your game that your indie company creates. The concept is unique and entertaining while keeping the gameplay simple enough that it doesn’t become an overbearing Sim game with a billion features/stats to keep track off.

You can pick up this game off the Android Market right now for $4.77. There is no lite free version to try out.

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Direct Market Link: Game Dev Story

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