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Game of Gods, by Foursaken Media, launches March 21 on Android

Game of Gods Android

Game of Gods is the latest release by the talented Foursaken Media, who has just confirmed that it will launch on March 21.

As the name suggests, this is a god game like the Populous or Black and White franchises.

Game of Gods is a god game in which you can be nice, or nasty, to your human followers

You play as a giant god that has to protect Earth. As for the human race, you can treat them however you’d like. That means you can be nice or nasty to them.

As for battles, you’ll basically cast spells to defeat your opponents. Different spells interact in a variety of different ways with each other, adding a nice layer of strategy to the experience.

You can also customise your gods appearance, amass worshippers, and take part in multiplayer. This allows you to take part in massive wars with other players.

Game of Gods will launch March 21 on Android. It’s in beta right now but that’s only on iOS, which is a shame. Instead, why not watch the trailer above?

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