Game Insight releases another casual game onto Android called My Clinic

Game Insight have developed a lot of popular social casual games such as My Country and Paradise Island. Now they have a new titles out on Google Play, this time revolving around the medical field called My Clinic. As you may be guessing, you will be running your own medical clinic in this one.

As with most games of this nature, you will be starting off with a small clinic which you will have to evolve into a major medical center. This has both city building and time management game mechanics in it since you will have to build/upgrade your equipment as you grow while curing sick people at the same time. As you grow in both size and prestige, the sicknesses that come in get more and more complex.

Game tasks:

– Take care of patients and progress in your research
– Recruit doctors and construct new medical buildings
– Purchase new equipment and expand your facilities
– Prescribe medication and get a colorful collection of elements
– Meet your goals and receive prizes

Game features:

– A fascinating story, where the development of your clinic is in your hands!
– An easy and friendly interface.
– Colorful graphics, over three dozen buildings, and a variety of locations, including the offices of the chief doctor, the hospital, the surgery, and much more.
– Adorn the city with collectors items, making it truly unique!
– Purchase extra lots to accelerate the development of his clinic!
– Connection to the Internet is recommended, but not required.

There are plenty of fans out there who really like Game Insight titles, with just about every single one of their games breaking into the Top 10 at some point. For those of you who are fans, you can snag this new game off of Google Play for free as it comes with optional in-game purchases or through our catalog here on the site.

Developer Website: Game Insight

Google Play Link: My Clinic

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