Game Insight to launch Crime Story later this month for all you mafia lovers.

When it comes to empire building sim games most stick to the usual formula of either a city or country, politics, energy and commerce and all the other topics that come along with your typical Sim City or empire building style game. Well Game Insight is bringing a new theme to the genre in a new game called Crime Story.

You may recognize the name Game Insight and for good reason to, they created Paradise Island (Android’s top profitable game) and My Country which is quickly climbing the charts. Both games are published by Cooper Media on the Android Market if you plan to look either of them up. With Crime Story, Game Insight has taken the Sim City empire building gaming genre and dirtied it right up with crime, gangs, mafia and more.


  • Create your own criminal corporation and Conquer the city
  • Fascinating global plot
  • Colorful graphics and 3D models
  • Large variety of weapons and uniforms
  • Accumulation and recovery of resources in the absence of a player
  • Fight and establish business relationships with other players



Instead of building a city though you are building a criminal empire in order to take over the city. This is how games such as Mafia Wars should have been made, with graphics and all kinds of goodies and not simply just a text-based MMORPG to play in your browser. While Crime Story isn’t multiplayer, it does feature everything else you would want to have in this sort of game. Crime Story is set to land on Android later this month and will most likely be free to download with some optional in-game purchases available just like Paradise Island and My Country. Don’t forget to check out the official trailer below!

Developer Website: Game Insight

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