Game Maker by YoYo Games officially supporting Android now

YoYo Games has officially announced Android support in their ever popular Game Maker software. Game Maker allows people to create games very easily, to the point of drag-and-drop easiness should you really be a true beginner in the world of game development. Coming in two versions, the Lite is free while the Pro costs a little bit of cash.

Along with Game Maker supporting Android comes the compatibility with their online store as well where they will sell your game. Of course you can put it on the Android Market as well, or just the market. If you do wish for them to sell your game online through their web-based store, it’ll be a 50:50 split in profit, not including Google Checkout fees or any other payment system they implement in the future.

You could make a free game, throw an ad in and let it be published to YoYo Games main site which is a free games portal that gets around 1.5 million visitors a month, as well as the Android Market. However, if you make a bad game and expect it to be published (free or otherwise) then you might want to think again as they check every one of them, which is a lot considering they get 150/day on average submitted.

For more information and downloads, head over to the developer section at YoYo Games. The Lite version is free, the Pro will cost only $25. Currently in the final stages of testing, games will be published on the Android Market starting early 2011. Right now it runs all games available.

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Developer Website: YoYo Games

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