Game Review: Jupiter Jump by Noodlecake Studios – Rapid Reflexes Required

You are forty-two light years from home and the unthinkable happens. A meteor or some strange space anomaly strikes your trusty space ship. Rapidly thinking through the options, you realize there is no other choice but to eject from the ship before it crashes on the planet Jupiter. Thus begins your adventure into Noodlecake Studios latest game, Jupiter Jump.

The graphics, game play and music are simple. The task of staying alive is anything but simple. Actually it is quite difficult. You will see ‘Game Over’ quite often with this game. Jupiter Jump joins the growing throng of hard to master games like Super Hexagon, Wave Wave and the Impossible Game, but don’t let that deter you. Jupiter Jump is an enjoyable game, but you have to give yourself time to play it and get into the zone.

Though the gravity on Jupiter is two and a half times what it is on Earth, your astronaut must be equipped with a super space pack because he/she is able to rapidly maneuver the required mines that so readily inhabit the planet. The goal is to get your astronaut as far as possible by dashing and dodging the mines. This game is all about getting the high score. There are portals and gates that you are able to jump through. This is how your points are acquired. Multipliers are given to your score when you come in close contact with the mines. All of the maneuvering is done by simply touching the screen and here is where Jupiter Jump shines.

There are a lot of one touch button games out there, but this game gets it right. It is quite responsive. When you die, which will happen extremely often, it won’t be because touching the screen did not produce a jump. The finer detail in this game, which takes a moment to realize, is anticipating the rhythm and timing of your jumps is absolutely required. The locations of the mines are random, so you will not be able to predict your jump by memory, but you can at least plan on how you will get through them by accelerating or decelerating how quickly you tap the screen. Tapping faster produces closer jumps to the ground; less taps allow you to bounce higher. Rapid reflexes are required to get through the gates and around all of the mines.

Google Game Play services are integrated into the game with cloud saving, leaderboards and achievements.  Before I knew it, I had received one of the five achievements, “Dead and Loving It – Die 50 times.” The game play translates well from phone to tablet. If you want a quick, fun and challenging game to play, give Jupiter Jump a try. It is available for free w/ads in the Play Store. You can remove the ads with an in-app purchase of $.99.

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