Gameloft begins teasing two new big updates, one for Dungeon Hunter 5, the other for Order & Chaos Online

Today Gameloft has begun teasing two big updates for two of their major titles, one of those being Dungeon Hunter 5, while the other being Order & Chaos Online. While both updates don’t have a ton of details available as of yet, we do know a few of the more major features that will be making their debut.

Dungeon Hunter 5

The upcoming expansion for Dungeon Hunter 5 sounds like it will be pretty big, but most of the features haven’t been revealed as of yet. One of them has been though, and that is the debut of Guild Wars. This is pretty much as the name suggests, where guilds within Dungeon Hunter 5 will be squaring off in PvP matches to see who will come out on top as the best guilds.

Interestingly enough, there’s actually a bit of a storyline to go with Guild Wars appearing: “For months Valenthia has been ruled by the Bounty Hunters. They repeatedly proved their worth, often with the help of their Guild. However the political instability has now turned the Guilds against each other”. Even though there isn’t much more in the way of details regarding this, Gameloft has released a teaser trailer about Guild Wars which you can check out in the video above.

Order & Chaos Online

With Order & Chaos Online, Gameloft has begun teasing a new expansion called The New Prophecy. Unlike the update for Dungeon Hunter 5, there’s actually a decent amount of details regarding this game. There will be a new dungeon called The Prophecy Circle which will contain two mysterious Bosses and players will be able to collect ‘The Turquoise Key’ from the bosses and exchange them for new Legacy Equipment.

There will be a new Mount & Pet Golden Collection which will feature ‘out-of-print’ mounts and pets for a limited time. After that time expires, there will be a Silver collection and a Golden collection with mounts and pets that can be earned in a couple of different ways. Lastly, there will be new Legacy Rings making their appearance, 7 of them in total, all of which can be earned by collecting the above mention Turquoise Keys from the new dungeon.

When this update arrives, if you have at least a single level 60 character, you’ll have a chance to receive a level 60 reward boost, which you can then use to boost one of your characters who isn’t level 60 up to that level. Right now there is no exact release date for this update, only that it will be arriving soon. You can check out the full changelog for this update over on the Gameloft Forums.

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