Gameloft bringing voice chat via LTE to their games

Gameloft has been working on a new feature that will slowly start making its way into a lot of their games soon for Android. This feature is the ability to talk to other players on a particular game you happen to be playing at the time using voice chat over LTE networks.

If you’ve been a player of any real video game that involves any sort of team effort, or general smack talking, then you know already that voice chat is extremely helpful when it comes to getting things done with teammates. Whether it is in an FPS game or an MMORPG, voice chat is a very helpful tool.

Currently the new voice chat feature has been shown off at CES 2012 running on Asphalt 6 (over Verizon’s network) but it will soon be making its way to other Android games from Gameloft as well. This will be great for those of you who play games like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation or Order & Chaos. This feature, however, will only be available to Android devices that run on a 4G LTE network due to the bandwidth voice chat will consume.

No word just yet on when exactly this feature will make its way to Gameloft’s other titles although it should be available in most titles later this year. Pretty smart of Gameloft to bring this to their games.

Website Referenced: Android and Me

Developer Website: Gameloft

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