Gameloft release a new interview trailer for their upcoming MOBA game Heroes of Order & Chaos

One game we are rather looking forward to is actually a MOBA game coming from Gameloft that is based off of their MMORPG Order and Chaos. Officially names Heroes of Order & Chaos, this is the first time the MOBA genre has really come to mobile, at least in a full-sized game.

We’ve talked about this game a couple of time in the recent past but for those of you who happened to miss those article, Heroes of Order & Chaos will be a MOBA game, and by that we mean similar to the PC titles DOTA 2, League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth. Teams will battle it out in an attempt to destroy the opposing teams base. There is a central target that one team has to destroy in the opposing teams base. The maps are laid out in a lane fashion, where players will control their heroes, who have little minions, and try to kill the opposing team’s heroes in order to push forward and eventually get into their base to kill the main target.

Gameloft’s version of this PC genre, which has really grown to be massively popular both for casual and hardcore games, features heroes from their MMORPG Order & Chaos. These types of games are basically a blend of RTS and RPG action gaming. In the video above, we get to see some more of the gameplay as well as learn a little bit more about what will come with the game. As of right now, Heroes of Order & Chaos is still labeled as ‘coming later this year’ for both iOS and Android.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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