Gameloft releases a new strategy/sim game called World at Arms onto Google Play

Gameloft has released a new game onto Android today that is somewhat of a random release considering there hasn’t really been any early promotion for the game from Gameloft at all. This particular game, called World at Arms, is a new strategy/sim title which comes with some interesting features you don’t usually find in a game like this. It also has some pretty nice visual eye candy as well which doesn’t hurt to have.

As you can probably guess from the name, this is a war themed title where you play as the USA who happens to be under attack from a rather evil alliance of highly trained forces known as the KRA. This is a full fledged strategy/sim game so you will have to collect resources, manage your economy, upgrade your technology, build your units (and upgrade them), all while taking on the enemy and hopefully winning.

World at Arms Features:

– Enjoy the most beautiful war simulation on smartphone with outstanding graphics & animations, plus extra-realistic units & buildings.
– Engage in innovative, strategic and breathtaking battles across the globe, in the air and on the ground (desert, urban and snow), and unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you!
– Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings & upgrade your base to become the top superpower
– Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign with more than 75 missions to complete!
– Take action and attack any player in the world, loot them for bonuses and climb up the leaderboards!
– Connect with your friends through Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! and borrow their units during battle to defeat tough enemies.
– Unlock loads of achievements!

World at Arms has some features that we really haven’t seen in a mobile strategy/sim game yet. There is a campaign mode to play through as well as multiplayer combat where you can attack other players and loot them for bonuses. The looting part is rather unique to this game but that isn’t all. You can also share units with your friends should they need the extra help to defeat tough enemies. The same goes for you and borrowing units from your friends for the same reason.

Rounding off everything are the rather solid visuals which includes plenty of animations to keep everything pretty dynamic on the screen. It is surprising that Gameloft really didn’t promote this game too much before its release considering it is a pretty solid strategy/sim game. If you’re up for it, you can download World at Arms off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: World at Arms

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