Gameloft releases a new trailer for the introduction of Death in Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Gameloft has released a new trailer for their Six Guns game which was recently updated with the new Gang Showdown mode which is a new style of multiplayer for the game. The update also introduced a new Raid Boss for players to deal with as well as new outfits and weapons to use.

The Gang Showdown update for Six Guns has, so far, been a pretty enjoyable one and apparently it is about to grow in size with another update that is apparently on the way. There isn’t a lot of details yet about what will be arriving except for one thing – Death. Here is what is mentioned about Death’s arrival: “The last Herald of the Apocalypse is here! Are you prepared to face Death?”

So not a whole lot to go on really but the trailer is actually quite good and somewhat creepy. When we find out more about the upcoming update as well as more details about Death himself, we will post an update. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Website Referenced: YouTube

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