Gameloft releases another trailer for Silent Ops, shows actual gameplay.

Well in the fashion that is 9mm, Gameloft has released another trailer for their upcoming game Silent Ops. This game is sort of a James Bond type of game and can be compared to numerous titles out already for console and PC in terms of the theme. However, in this trailer, we actually get to see a decent amount of gameplay.

While we all wait for 9mm to finally get released onto Android, Gameloft has taken to the habit of posting numerous trailers for their upcoming games and applied that to Silent Ops. This is the second trailer so far and we can be sure that there will be at least one more coming soon as well. What’s nice about this trailer though is that we actually get to see some of the gameplay elements that are included in Silent Ops such as being able to snipe targets and jump over railings.

No word yet on exactly when this will land on Android so until then, enjoy the new trailer.

Thanks to our friends at Juegandroid for letting us know!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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