Gameloft’s Diablo-like Action RPG Series Dungeon Hunter Returns This Year

Dungeon Hunter character battling.

Before Diablo arrived on mobile with Immortal, there was Dungeon Hunter. This long-running series developed by Gameloft brought hacking and slashing to mobile across a series of five games between 2010 – 2015, when the final entry, Dungeon Hunter 5, arrived on the scene.

Technically, Dungeon Hunter is still very much alive, as the fifth entry continues to get pretty meaty updates, but, aside from a small and dedicated fanbase, it doesn’t really have the weight of your Diablo Immortals or Torchlight Infinites.

Can Dungeon Hunter Launch a Comeback?

But that might be about to change, as a brand new entry in the series is on its way, courtesy of GOAT Games. Aside from a release window of 2023, we really don’t know much else about it at this point.

Machine Ma, VP of GOAT Games, did have the following to say about the upcoming release:

“Today is a day millions of Dungeon Hunter fans – myself included – have been dreaming about shortly after the release of Dungeon Hunter 5 back in 2015,” says Machine Ma, VP of GOAT Games. “We are driven to create a game that not only caters to Dungeon Hunter fans, but also offers a unique action RPG experience that will keep players engaged and excited for years to come!”

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So from that, we can infer that it will be familiar to Dungeon Hunter fans, but perhaps not beholden to the franchise. The last part of the paragraph is perhaps most exciting, though, as it suggests that we’ll get updates for years.

Who is Goat Games?

GOAT Games is a mobile developer based in Guangzhou that has a number of huge mobile games under its belt. Gacha RPG Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is its most recent release, but Dragon Storm Fantasy demonstrates the action chops GOAT has in-house.

You can learn more about GOAT Games and its games on the official site. In the meantime, we’ll keep a close eye out for any further news of the Dungeon Hunter series.

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