Gameloft’s New DRM Policy

Well it seems the huge outcry over Gameloft’s DRM policy hasn’t fallen on deaf ears as Phandroid is reporting that, via Dave Loft (Mr. Gameloft tipster himself), that they have announced a change to their DRM policy. The change states that users are now allowed to re-download games purchased through their website although it’ll take some time to implement this.

Here is a quote of the official announcement:


We’d like to announce you that policy regarding Android HD+ games sold through our own store is currently changed to allow you to re-download a game that you paid for.

Unfortunately this change will take a bit of time but rest assured we will announce once it is live.

Thank you for your patience.


Question is does it make a difference now that they decided to go this route? I would have to say yes. Although the fact the games are still not available on the Android market which, to a lot of people, would be much more convenient for purchase then their website, it is a step in the right direction. They are all available on the App Store for the iPhone/iPad so why not the Android market, especially with all the new phones coming out with massive space and hardware?

I guess for now we can be thankful for the policy change at least. Gameloft states that it will take some time to implement this feature but as to how long or even a time line of any sort has not been mentioned. Hopefully this happens sooner than later.

Source Referenced: Dave Loft via Phandroid

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