Gameplay preview of Skillz: The DJ Game, confirms it looks fun.

One game we are eagerly waiting for is the release of Skillz: The DJ Game which is slated to be released soon for Android and iOS tablets. Yes this is one of the few games available designed for play on tablets only. Thanks to these new videos it confirms our suspicion: The game looks damn fun.

Skillz: The DJ Game is as it sounds. You will be a DJ spinning music, good music mind you, and trying to get the crowd worked up as much as possible to earn as many points as you can along with reputation. In the style of most music games, you will have to tap and swipe on the screen as the music notes, and the actions corresponding to them, scroll down your screen to where your buttons, and turntables, are located.


• Step Into A World of DJing: Single player music game for all ages that simulates the world of a superstar DJ and allows players to mix and scratch songs using a tablet’s touchscreen interface.
• The Freshest Music: Play 25 of the hottest dance tracks from world-renowned artists including Diplo, People Under The Stairs, Crookers, Fedde Le Grand and more.
• Exhilarating Gameplay: Tap the screen to trigger samples, swipe the crossfader, and scratch the virtual vinyl to remix songs as you play.
• Build Your Rep: Unlock new levels and earn achievements as you play through various difficulty settings and grow your fan base.
• Rule the Crowd: Compete on a global leaderboard against friends and foes, and unlock achievements with OpenFeint integration.
• Expansive Music Library: Post-release support with new track packs to become available on an ongoing basis.

The fact that this game is being designed for tablets only is a step in the right direction when it comes to this genre of gaming. Sorry Android phone gamers but music games like this just don’t work well on a small screen. So far each one has been terrible in their own ways whether it’s just a bad porting job or just too small of a screen.

Up until now though we have just seen screenshots from the game as well as a trailer. Now though we have a few actual gameplay videos to show you. We are only posting a couple here but if you head over to PlayPen’s Vimeo page you can watch 17 videos of gameplay. The iOS version of Skillz: The DJ Game has just had it’s release date announced which is Sept. 8th so hopefully the Android version won’t be too far after.

Developer Website: Playpen Studios

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